About Us

HAKC Enterprises Pty Ltd was established in 2019 in response to a need for Aboriginal businesses to offer a range of operational maintenance services to contractors supplying to the construction, mining, oil and gas, government and corporate services industries.

HAKC is committed to building long term business relationships that ensures quality services, reliability and job security. Our mission is to build a trusted brand, committed to Aboriginal training and employment, whilst supporting the local economy wherever we operate.


Our Journey

Entrepreneurial siblings Haylee and Kyle have teamed up to start a new Aboriginal family company HAKC Enterprises. Born out of the need to undertake the small jobs that big businesses don’t want to do or don’t have time to do in the maintenance industry. Our dual strength is one built on a combination of strong family values and strong business governance. It is our vision to create local job security by taking on a variety of small long-term contracts and most importantly to create a trusted family brand for our children and future generations.

HAKC will be an extension of our big dynamic and diverse family. We believe that from little things big things grow and with the love and support from our parents, partners, children and business mentors we look forward to the successes and challenges and opportunities HAKC will bring.

Haylee Bartlett

Haylee a passionate leader brings innovation and fresh thinking to HAKC Enterprises. As a founding Director Haylee wants to lead a company that will ensure people are seen as its most valuable asset. One that at its core will reward hard work and a can-do attitude. Hoping that one day her children will be proud of their mums’ achievements and happily working alongside her and their uncle building on their family legacy together.

Haylee is not afraid of a challenge, raising a house full of boys, while working full time and supporting her husband’s career and large family. Haylee brings a range of transferable skills and experience to this new company including recruitment, administration, secretarial services, contract management and compliance. Haylee has a Cert III in Business Administration and will continue to build on her leadership and business skills to one day be the CEO of HAKC Enterprises.

Kyle Bartlett

Kyle is the operational backbone to HAKC Enterprises. Kyle not only brings a wealth of operational capacity but is driven and passionate about youth development and aspires to have a company that values the importance

of growing the skills and developing the confidence of our youth. Kyle has worked on several youth programs, including running his own not for profit and wants to be able to use HAKC as a vehicle for giving opportunity to the youth of today so they may become the role models for the next generation.

Leaving school at 17 and becoming a concreter, Kyle prides himself on having gained strong work ethics and family values from his Aboriginal parents who are his role models. He was taught at an early age that nothing comes without commitment and hard work. This he says is also an important value along with honesty, integrity and reliability and will ensure this is incorporated within the company’s organisational culture.